Peliton Plastics, Injection Molders

Peliton Plastic Injection Molding

High quality, plastic molding at the lowest possible price.

Peliton Plastics is a custom plastic molder, located in ValdostaGeorgia, 15 miles north of the Floridastate line on I-75.

Services include contract manufacturing, assembly, flatbed screen printing, mold repair and machining.

Pelitoncontract manufacturing and assembly services can takethe parts produced here at our facility with any necessarysecond operations and combine them with parts received from outsidesources to produce a finished product that is then packaged and shippedto your specified location.

Peliton runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Offering you the ability toget products to market quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Pelitonwill match your sophistication level on any project. Whether you wantto meet the highest quality tolerances or save a money, we will watchover your product to insure that only acceptable parts are produced.

Project Management
Our company can manage your project, keep youroverhead down and pass the savings on to you. Peliton will coordinateyour project through a powerful network of manufacturing professionals,ensuring that quality is met along the way and that your product getsdelivered on time and to your exact specifications.

Please, Give us a call for more information.

(229) 247-1269
Peliton Plastics
130 North Blanchard St.
Valdosta, GA 31601 USA

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