Peliton Plastics Custom Injection Molding

Our Company Vision

"I believe that the reason for that success is hard work, dedication, and the fact that our employees care about how each project is handled for our customers."

Robert McKinnon
President, Peliton Plastics


Mission Statement

To manufacture quality custom plastic injection molding products with value added services in a cost effective manner and to deliver your products on time every time.

Quality Statement

We strive to meet your exact quality specifications. With precision injection molding equipment and our experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

 Peliton plastics injection molders


Plastic injection molding 

Vision Statement

To deliver project management, product design, prototype development, production, mold fabrication and maintenance better than any other organization in the plastic injection molding business.

Plans For The Future

We are currently investigating our options for a stand alone CAD system. We are also looking into the choices available for a rapid prototyping system.

Our growth will ensure that we will continue to be the best choice for our customers by increasing our ability to provide a complete range of quality services at reasonable cost.


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