Sample plastic injection molding products

Manufactured by Peliton - Made in the USA

Quality plastic molding at the lowest possible price.

Our plastic injection molding products include agricultural products, kitchen products, tools, toys, promotional products, machinery components and much more.

Peliton custom molders will match your sophistication level on any plastic project. Whether you want to meet the highest quality tolerances or save time and money, we will watch over your product to insure that only acceptable parts are produced.

Scroll down to see a few of our recent custom plastic molded parts, manufactured and assembled at Peliton.

Tools for the electronic industry

Specialty Electronic Tool


termite trap

Agriculture Products


Ink Pen Sanitizer

Ink Pen Sanitizer
Office Products

Large buckets

Plastic Buckets


Custom made products

Pest Control Products
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Plastic injection molded products

Plastic Toys

Water pump

Parts For a Water Pump


industrial pump

Industrial Pump Impeller


Small Plastic Parts

Small Plastic Parts

Plastic Drafting tools

Drafting Tool


Bedpan Female bedpans

Medical Products

cone shaped part

Parts for water cooler

Water Cooler Parts


Small parts, molded at Peliton


Plastic Handle


Made in the USA , Made in America

'Flying Disk' Custom Screen Printed at
Peliton Plastics


Peliton Termite Bait Station
Termite Bait Station


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manufactured at Peliton Plastics.
Made in the USA

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