Plastic Injection Molding Facility

Peliton Plastics's in Valdosta Georgia

The Peliton facility is composed of two separate buildings. The first and larger of the two is where you will find our plastic injection molding, manufacturing,
machine shop, product assembly, shipping and receiving departments.

In the second building houses our warehousing, screen printing, graphic design, accounting and management offices.

We invite anyone interested in touring our facility to give us a call. If you are travelling to Valdosta, GA please see our Valdosta Information page for maps and directions.

Peliton's 35,000 sq. ft. plastic injection molding facility located in Valdosta, Ga
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Peliton Plastic injection molding company's 35,000 sq. ft.
manufacturing facility Located in Valdosta, Georgia USA

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Page updated May 01, 2024