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Our Home Page, where you will find an introduction
to Peliton, Information on our company with links to our
various pages. Our staff is always happy to assist
and advise inventors with their inventions.
Made in the USA

All about Peliton, our quality,
services, quotations, equipment and more.

A list of the equipment used by our
injection molding, machine shop
and screen printing departments.

The Plastic Molding Process
A useful guide for inventors and clients of the
procedures to follow for bringing you
products and inventions to reality.

Products We Make
Photos and descriptions of some of our
products, components, parts and assemblies.

Information on the our process, injection
molding, how much it will cost and
the history of plastic.

Machine Shop / Mold Making and Repair
Our Machine Shop, information on
machining, tooling,
mold repair and fabrication.

Peliton News
News, updates and information from
The Peliton company.

Detailed Map
Directions to Peliton

Our Vision for the Future
The Peliton Vision, Mission, Quality
Statements and plans for our future.

Peliton Company Web Cam
The Peliton web camera.
See plastic parts being made.

Contact Information
Our contact information and
a form to submit questions.

The Peliton Comapny
brochure in PDF format.

Valdosta Travel Information
If you would like to visit our company,
This page has information on Valdosta hotels,
airlines, attractions and directions.

Custom Pad Printing
Our Pad Printing Dept.
What is Pad Printing?

Screen Printing Department
Information and price list for our screen
printing department. Real estate signs,
decals, bumper stickers, auto tags.

Campaign Signs : Political Yard Signs
Information and price list of our
screen printed Campaign signs.
Order campaign yard signs now
for the upcoming elections.

Realty Signs
Information and price list of our
screen printed real estate signs.

Ariel view of the Peliton Plastics
facility. With a map
of the various departments.

Thank You
Thank you for your interest in
The Peliton Plastics Company
Custom injection molder.
Located in Valdosta Georgia,
Southeast United States.

Peliton Termite Monitors
Termite monitors,
termite monitoring stations
and termite detectors.

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